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Today the schools sector is very diverse, with independent schools and academies increasingly competing, and all schools are facing difficult decisions due to financial pressures and political uncertainty.

Schools have largely failed to build dynamic and strong brands, however in our competitive world the importance and benefits of having a strong school brand cannot be overstated. Too many school brands are plain ordinary, relying on highly predictable imagery and language that neither reflects the school nor appeals to key audiences. Distinguishing one school from another is often difficult, and we understand that schools can and want to do better. 



School Brands that inspire & surprise

All schools have unique and special characteristics, and we’ve evolved a clear working process which uncovers and distills the true essence of each school brand. 
By communicating intrinsic values and benefits, a strong and coherent school brand will help external and internal audiences understand what makes a school different and unique.

Work includes: Brand identity, brand scoping & strategy, implementation & project management.


Making brand stories come alive

Our mission is to create appealing and compellingly written print and prospectus communications that deliver emotionally powerful brand messages, encouraging prospective parents and students to visit your school.
Work includes: Prospectuses, annual magazines, newsletters, advertisements, photography, calendars, fundraising, brochures and campaigns, direct marketing



Developing digital experiences

School websites often look similar….full screen images with little distinctive narrative. We think differently and create bespoke, beautifully engineered websites and digital content and communications that avoid the predictable and reflect the essence of each school brand.
“Rushing digital can be catastrophic, done right IT can be transformational”


OUR natural creativity has helped transform our clients' BRANDS

"Hampton School and Quantock have enjoyed a warm and fruitful relationship over the past eight years and we are immensely grateful for your helps in establishing such a strong and recognisable ‘Hampton Brand’. "

Kevin Knibbs, Headmaster
Hampton School
"Quantock delivered everything and more against the brief and I really feel we have delivered on building an effective Priory umbrella brand that allows the Academy flexibility to be who they are. When people have congratulated me on the work I always say ‘my biggest success was picking the right agency in the first place’! You’ve made everything else very simple!"

Hannah Morgan Marketing & Communications Manager 
Priory Federation of Academies Trust


Extraordinary brands we have helped shape since 1989

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