Best of rural Britain takes USA by storm

Food & Beverage

Best of rural Britain takes USA by storm


Best of rural Britain takes USA by storm

Food & Beverage

Best of rural Britain takes USA by storm

Developing an organic US focussed brand with British heritage

OMSCo - The Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative is run by farmers for farmers. It supplies the majority of the UK’s organic dairy processing needs and is a significant exporter.

Not only does the Co-operative believe that organic farming is better for cows, the land and the environment, but also that milk produced this way makes for the best tasting cheese.
The group identified an opportunity within the US market to expand their distribution and brand appeal. With a rapidly growing UK organic milk supply, it was time to take on the US. The US market is crowded with many other cheese brands but none have such an established natural organic heritage.
The challenge for the brand was to move away from a priced based product to something more genuine, and with a clear point of difference.

Best of rural Britain takes USA by storm

Free to roam and grass feed

Inspired by the small farm family producers and authenticity of the product, Quantock created design concepts which conveyed originality and organic properties with an emphasis on grass and natural surroundings.
A silhouette cow and grass illustration were combined into one final execution, and a sense of relaxed naturalness was conveyed through the freestyle brand lettering.
Best of rural Britain takes USA by storm

a natural way

Time was spent considering the most appropriate and relaxed pose for the cow. The final illustration has our cow grazing naturally on lush grass, full of vitality and nourishment.


The label design had a natural synergy with the product and introduced a craft paper look printed on a semi opaque matt label stock.

The print production properties needed to by sympathetic to the brand and showcase it as natural, considered, friendly and tactile.


Quantock introduced further natural character through dragonflies and butterflies to further express the natural fun and life enhancing brand values. The scene setting lifestyle photography helps bind the various elements of the project together through a sense of outdoor living and goodness.
Best of rural Britain takes USA by storm
Best of rural Britain takes USA by storm Best of rural Britain takes USA by storm

“Thanks to Quantock’s hard work and dedication we’ve received numerous awards and recognition for brand packaging excellence. To be recognised internationally at such highly-respected events is a great achievement for the Organic Kingdom brand.
Since launch we have cemented our product range as the only European USDA-certified organic Cheddar available in the US.”

Nicola Turner, Head of Marketing, OMSCo

Best of rural Britain takes USA by storm

Only USDA certified cheese in the US

The new Organic Kingdom brand had to provide a consistent identity to be used across commercial and marketing assets thus developing a brand with immediate gravitas and appeal to the US market and consumers. The future vision for the brand is to leverage its immediate impact within the US market through the introduction of yoghurts, butter & milk.
Best of rural Britain takes USA by storm

“This has been a truly exceptional and highly rewarding collaborative project which involved many members of our design team throughout different stages. Producing design executions for the US market is never an easy undertaking let alone with so many stakeholders involved. The vision and determination from the start set the tone for the subsequent stages of implementation. The provenance and integrity of the brand has been maintained from initial conception through to the final brand delivery.”

Mark Dalton, Managing Director – Quantock

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