Quality and quantity in one powerful brand

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Quality and quantity in one powerful brand


Quality and quantity in one powerful brand

Home & Leisure

Quality and quantity in one powerful brand

Clear design principles delivered
for a leading global manufacturer of
ceramic tiles.

Original Style has a global reputation for superior wall and floor tiles, mosaics in glass, stone, ceramic and porcelain.

Their products are suitable for residential locations, and most commercial settings and sell through a network of independent retailers and distributors.  Communicating the product quality and extensive range through a single brochure is difficult. Whilst essentially a listing catalogue it also has to be aesthetically pleasing and inspiring to the reader.
Original Style and Quantock have a deep relationship going back many years, the cornerstone of which is our ability to produce high-quality product brochures which exude excellence & sophistication.

Quality and quantity in one powerful brand

Captured the spirit of each innovative and unique product publication 

A great example of this is the relaunched ‘Artworks’ brochure. As one of Original Style’s most cherished collections, with a heritage feel, this range needed to remain classic but with a fresh approach.

Using a traditional colour palette and superb photography, we created a brochure true to the range’s heritage, but with a subtle, contemporary twist to create a catalogue with timeless appeal.
Quality and quantity in one powerful brand

Space &

Quantock pull on creative inspiration and deep brand knowledge to enhance the visual appeal and individuality of each spread and section. Space and proportion are important to aesthetic appeal.

Typographical Sensitivity

Throughout each publication special attention is given to all aspects of the typography including:- size, typeface family, choice of italics or roman, normal, condensed or extended, weight, colour, leading, kerning and letter-spacing. All have a huge impact on readability and perception of hierarchical information. Design layouts executed in the right way add interest and inspire reader curiosity and excitement.

Composition & Structure

Original Style appreciate the fundamental design qualities we bring to every publication.Within our design we use symmetry, repeat patterns and structures that intuitively feel sound. Time is spent to ensure that each publication flows naturally. The reader is led along a path of surprise and intrigue.
Quality and quantity in one powerful brand

"We’ve worked with Quantock for over ten years as our go-to creative agency when we need extra support for creative projects. They’ve helped us rebrand some of our biggest tile collections, always understanding our vision and creating original and inspired design layouts. With a friendly and talented team as well as fantastic communication, we’d recommend Quantock to any business looking for a creative agency."

Laura Churchill, Marketing Supervisor, Original Style

Quality and quantity in one powerful brand


Original Style’s range of publications have been successfully launched to the trade, and the variety was enthusiastically received by distributors and consumers alike. The brochures form a fundamental part of Original Style’s portfolio and ongoing marketing activity.
Quality and quantity in one powerful brand

“We have been working closely with Original Style for many years producing a series of outstanding lifestyle consumer catalogues. I take great care and consideration with each publication, and I treat each one exclusively. They need to feel special and unique. I appreciate the way in which typography and images are combined, which is vital in producing these truly pleasing and practical publications.”


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