The stove company turning up the heat on Aga

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The stove company turning up the heat on Aga


The stove company turning up the heat on Aga

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The stove company turning up the heat on Aga


Everhot has truly had innovation at its heart since it was founded in 1979. Handbuilt in the Cotswolds, each Everhot range cooker is a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering. 

The Everhot story started when engineer and innovator Ossie Goring set out to reduce the amount of energy his heat storage cooker was using. Living at a water mill, he decided to set about creating an environmentally-friendly heat storage electric range cooker which could run off a water turbine. 

Fast forward forty years, and Everhot is leading the way with an ever expanding range of beautifully designed cookers, heaters and grills. We have been working closely with Everhot for over five years, helping them to bring their ingeneous ideas to market. 


The stove company turning up the heat on Aga

Conveying a tangible sense of quality 

Quantock have worked hard to enhance Everhot's appeal to both modern and traditional audiences. A true testiment to Everhot's timeless design is that it enjoys such a diverse customer base, and so care and attention has been paid to achieve a balance between classic and contemporary styling. 

Through simply written copy and high quality rendered photography, the Everhot brand is one that is expertly crafted and beautifully executed, standing head and shoulders above the competition.


Perhaps the most attractive aspect of an Everhot cooker besides the beautiful design, is the stunning range of colours available. This presents a challenge for creating product photography, as creating and setting a scene for each size and combination of Everhot cooker would have necessitated an exorbitant amount of time and energy.

An innovative solution was found, through the use of hyper-realistic product renders in the place of product photography. The results of this are stunning, with a strong visual cohesion across all shots; lighting is consistently well lit and free from reflections and shadows whilst perspective distortion is absent, resulting in a perfect depiction of the Everhot's beautiful design.

This technique also allows for complete flexibility - shots can be revisited and recomposed, should any additons need to be made such as new features like a cooker hood. Who says that printed publications can't be lead by digital?

We challenge you to try to spot which images are real, and which ones are computer generated!



The stove company turning up the heat on Aga


The finishing and quality of the Everhot brochure is second to none, and no easy task to get right. Combining a delicate silver foil with a detailed closeup of the badge plate on textured stock, the product experience for a prospective Everhot owner is an absolute joy.

A key selling point of the Everhot range is its availability in such wide range of colours, and so extra care was taken to ensure that colour reproduction was as accurate as possible.



By pacing out the flow of both the brochure and website, we were able to bring a delicated sense of calmness and quality to the brand experience for prospective Everhot customers. The story of Everhot is told with care and consideration, with the the integral core values of the Everhot brand communicated up front and center across both print and digital media.

The brochure builds an air of mystery, excitement and suspense, through use of cropped shots until page 10, upon which the Everhot 60 is revealed in all its glory. 



The beauty of the Everhot's unique design is communicated by artfully rendered imagery and expert photography. Product shots are accompanied by matching complimentary lifestyle and incidental shots, with contemporary page layouts and plenty of negative space to let the distinctive Everhot design take center stage.

A lightness is brought to the brand by avoiding dark heavy backgrounds, which is further enhanced by delicate gold and grey typography, conveying a real sense of quality.

The stove company turning up the heat on Aga

"These brand communications perfectly capture the character of
Everhot and Quantock delivered a great new responsive website and brochure."

Guy Goring, MD Everhot

The stove company turning up the heat on Aga


The Everhot website was built with simplicity in mind, focusing upon heroing the beauty of the product. Emphasis was placed upon ease of navigation, to ensure that customers and dealers alike would find it easy to navigate to the right product. The site has been optimised for SEO, so as to ensure it enjoys maximum traffic. 

We also worked with our media partner to produce Everhot's brand video, which brings the Everhot story to life in all its glory. 


As the product range has expanded, we've evolved the brand aesthetic, bringing a quiet confidence to print and digital communications. From the core brochure and website through to towel rail tags and swatch cards, we've truly worked on every aspect of the customer experience. 

The stove company turning up the heat on Aga

We have worked with Everhot for nearly 10 years, and each and every year we collectively challenge ourselves to delivery bigger and better brand communications. Being a central trusted outsourced partner we are able to control and implement spectacular communications which has seen them overtake AGA as UK’s number range cooker brand.

Their ethos is absolutely aligned with our own - amazing product quality where innovation and beauty lead.

Mark Dalton - Managing Director

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